Is Avantis Salud a health insurance?

No. It is a company that offers Healthcare Plans by means of a loyalty programme that allows access to private healthcare by a pay as you go system or by using specific insurance covers.

Why should I take up an Avantis Plan?

To have easy and simple access to private healthcare and solve the economic impact private healthcare may have should you need it.

What does each Plan cover?

Avantis Salud offers a total of four plans. Here is a link to a comparative chart so you can have more information and decide which one best suits your needs and interests.

How do I pay for my Plan: annually, quarterly, or monthly?

Our Fideliza and Bienestar Plans [Loyalty and Wellbeing Plans] allow a single annual payment while the Bienestar plus and Élite plans can be paid by instalments, according to the client’s choice.

How do the pay-as-you-go services work?

Once you take up one of Avantis Healthcare Plans, you have access to medical assistance at our collaborating centres by making an appointment through our customer service free phone number or via the Avantis Salud app.

You can go to your appointment without making any payment. The month after receiving the medical assistance, we will contact you to inform you of the amount to be paid for the assistance, according to the rates agreed by Avantis with the healthcare centres of its Collaborating Network.

How do I make an appointment?

By calling our Customer Service Freephone +34 900 214 382, via the Avantis Salud App or filling in our  contact form

What is the Avantis App for and what benefits does it offer?

Through our Avantis Salud App we want to provide you with all you need to enjoy our exclusive healthcare solutions easily and fast anywhere, anytime, 365 days a year.

You can ask for an appointment and/or authorization, check your Avantis points, check your healthcare plan, arrange an appointment with your trusted doctor and/or home nursing; learn about our collaborating network, or make direct consultations about medical emergencies.

What is the Avantis Network and where can I find collaborating centres?

Avantis Collaboration Network is made up of specialised medical, nurse and dental assistance centres, pharmaceutic services and other centres related to healthcare like orthopaedics, opticians and physiotherapists.

You can see which centres are included in this link: Avantis Network

What is the Avantis point system and how does it work?

With Avantis Point system you can accumulate points that you can then convert into services, consultations or check-ups, non-prescription products (oral, body and skin hygiene or child care products) and even into additional insurance guarantees (hospitalization and surgery due to illness or dental treatment due to illness).

In order to give you the option of exchanging your points at healthcare centres, Avantis will contact you to ask whether you wish to turn your points into a discount in the bill for the healthcare services received.

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